Listing Process


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A coin being listed on different exchanges is one of the most significant achievements of a crypto project. Aside from making the coin available in the market, it also allows the coin’s value to be determined.


  • Management team of the coin issuer
  • Platform where the coin is already used and its technological background
  • Token utility
  • White paper
  • Coin legal opinion and targeted jurisdictions of the coin offering
  • Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism legislation compliance.

Why should you list on new exchange?

Increase your community ability to trade, buy, and sell tokens
Listing makes your token available to buy. People from the project community will be able to freely buy and sell the token, thereby creating market volume.
Market expansion
Each exchange is its own community that is formed in accordance with various principles, including geography. Getting listed on a new exchange means, among other things, entering new markets. Some exchanges operate worldwide and have traders from around the world, but there are also exchanges that are more focused on local markets (e.g., Korea, Latin America, Eastern Europe). Listing on a new exchange is not only an opportunity to boost trade volume and liquidity, but also for the project to attract the attention of other exchange users and turn them into community members, establishing a presence in a particular region.
Partnerships in new markets
A new listing is often an entry into a new market. Along with the listing, other integrations into these markets are also possible. For example, you can establish partnerships with other players in your industry from these regions that will only enhance the effect of your listing. Getting listed makes it easier to find and negotiate partnerships.