How to reset 2FA?

How to reset 2FA?

If you don’t have access to your original email and to your account’s Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), you need to first contact Tokex customer service with your request.

The team will reply back with three security questions to verify your identity (Date of Birth/ Date of Account creation/ Wallet Balance). Then, our Customer Service will ask you to submit a video to verify your request.

What should be included in the video?

  • You need to sit in front of the camera and show your face clearly and hold your ID document in one hand and a hand-written paper with the necessary information of your request in your other hand.

  • Users need to make a statement into the camera to verify their identity, such as: "Current Date, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Registered Email Address, Account Opening Date and Approx Balance Amount in your Wallet in order to apply to unlock your account. User needs to mention that hereby I confirm that I am contacting Tokex Customer Support to reset my 2FA for Tokex Account.

  • Submit the video along with the device-clicked picture of your National ID Card/Driving License/Valid Passport shown in the video and the hand-written paper. Please do not use any filters or edit your videos.

  • I lost access to my previous google authenticator app. How can I re-enable it?

  • If you have backed up the 16-digit code generated when you first enabled the Google Authenticator, you can re-enable your Google Authenticator by simply entering the backup key to the App.

How to Reset Google Authentication?

If your google authenticator is working properly you can change or disable it by following these steps:

1. Log in to your account and click [Profile] - [Security].

2. Next to [Google Authentication], click [Change] to directly replace your existing Google Authenticator or click [Remove] to unbind the current Authenticator and bind a new one later.

3. If you clicked [Change]:

  • Read the notes carefully and click [Confirm].

  • To remove your old Google Authenticator, you need to verify this request with your 2FA devices. Then click [Remove and continue].

  • Scan the QR code with your Google Authenticator app. If you are unable to scan it, enter the code manually in the app and click [Next].

  • You will see a backup key. Please save it on paper. This Key will allow you to recover your Google Authenticator in case you can’t access the app in the future.

  • Click [Next] if you confirm to reset.

  • Now verify with your email and the new Google Authenticator to complete the setup.

4. If you clicked [Remove]:

  • Read the notes carefully and click [Confirm].

  • Verify your request with your 2FA devices and click [Remove].

Note: Withdrawals and P2P selling will be disabled for 24 hours after you make this change.

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