What is a sub-account?

Once a corporate, business, or institution passes our Know Your Business (KYB) protocols, they may create multiple sub-accounts for more organized, efficient, and secure transactions.

How does a sub-account work?

A master account can create different sub-accounts, depending on the business’s objectives. This is beneficial for corporates who manage a trading team that uses multiple strategies. It can also be used for risk management purposes by distributing the assets to the sub-accounts.
Each sub-account has its own unique username and password. Furthermore, since the main account has passed the KYB procedure, the sub-accounts that will be created under it do not have to undergo the same process.
Sub-accounts can do all types of trading, but each of their functionalities can be modified by the main account. For example, sub-account 1 can do spot trading, sub-account 2 can perform spot trading and margin trading, and sub-account 3 can do all trading methods. Moreover, sub-accounts can only get their funds from the main account and trade the budget that is allocated to them