What is Tokex?

What is Tokex?

Tokex is a cryptocurrency centralized exchange dedicated to providing a safe platform for cryptocurrency trading, and a convenient aggregator of qualified cryptocurrency throughout the world.
​Trading is just one of the services of Tokex, as we provide a range of products to use cryptocurrencies and make the most from them. It’s available for the purchase and selling of cryptocurrency using card and wire transfers, staking pools, crypto loans, and many more.
Tokex, aside from marketplace provision, can cover the entire financial market transaction process chain. This involves pre-trading (data), trading, and post-trading (settlement, custody, collateral) services. Their revenue stream consists mainly of market services (for example, transaction fees and data provision), and corporate services.

Our Team

Our team at Tokex aims to provide a compliant, secure, efficient, multi-featured, and easy-to-use trading platform accessible to anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Our goal is to expand and become a leading global blockchain solutions firm, providing innovative, secure, and cost-effective solutions for crypto people.

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