Adjust Margin balance in Cross/Isolated modes

Adjust Margin balance in Cross/Isolated modes

In the Isolated margin mode, you can adjust the margin balance allocated to your position in the [Positions] tab. Click the [Edit] icon to adjust the margin balance.

Enter the amount you would like to add or remove. Then, click [Confirm].

Calculations for maximum addable/removable margin in Cross and Isolated margin modes.

Cross Margin Mode:

The following calculations are the maximum withdrawal amount in Cross Margin Mode. The two formulas apply when your wallet balance has no gift money or has not used cross collateral:

  • Cross Wallet Balance - ∑isolated open order initial margin - cross Position Maintenance Margin

For wallets with unrealized profits or losses, the maximum withdrawal amount must not exceed the following formula:

  • Cross Wallet Balance + ∑cross Unrealized PNL - ∑cross initial margin - ∑isolated open order initial margin

Isolated Margin Mode:

The following are calculations for maximum addable and maximum removable margin:

USDⓈ-Margined contracts



Max addable amount to isolated margin

min(crossWalletBalance - ∑isolated open order initial margin - ∑crossPosition MM, Available for Order)

Max removable from isolated margin

max(0,min (isolatedWalletBalance - isolatedPosition MM, isolatedWalletBalance + size * (mark price - Entry Price) - mark price * abs(size) * IMR))

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