Close-all positions function and loss calculations

Close-all positions function and loss calculations

In our continuous efforts to improve your trading experience, we added two new features that will help you better manage your positions. The first additional feature is the profit and loss calculations based on the last price. Now, users can track profit and loss calculations of open positions based on the contract’s last price. This allows them to manage their trades better based on the prevailing market conditions. The second feature is the Close-All Positions function which allows traders to efficiently exit all positions simultaneously in the event of extreme market conditions. With this new feature, users need not exit multiple positions manually. Instead, simply click on the [Close All] button to exit.

How to activate the PNL last price calculation

On the futures trading interface, scroll down to the Orders and Positions management panel. Click on [PNL (ROE %)] and select your preferred price basis (Mark price or Last Price).In this scenario, we select the [Last Price] option to change P&L calculations based on the last price of the contract. After which, the PNL (ROE%) calculations for all open positions will be updated according to the selected benchmark.

Where to find the close-all positions functions

  • The Close-All positions function is enabled by default for all users. To check, click on the [Positions Preference] icon (shown in the screenshot above) and ensure that the [Close All Positions] option is checked. If the Close-All Positions function is enabled, a [Close All Positions] button will appear on the right of the [PNL(ROE%)] tab (refer to the screenshot below). Once enabled, you can use the Close-All function to exit all open positions simultaneously at market price. This feature will cancel all open orders and submit market orders to exit all positions immediately.

  • After clicking [Close-All Position], you will see the following pop-up window.

  • Click [Confirm] to proceed with closing all positions via a market order. If you do not wish to perform this operation, click [Cancel].


  1. The Last Price P&L calculations will only apply under the [PNL(ROE%)] field. Profit and loss calculations for both the [Assets] and the [Margin Ratio] widgets, located on the bottom right of the trading interface, will be calculated based on the Mark Price.

  2. In extreme market conditions, the unrealized P&L may differ from the final realized P&L due to volatility, slippage, and execution risk.

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