How to transfer funds to the Futures wallet

How to transfer funds to the Futures wallet

To start trading on Tokex Futures, you need to transfer funds from your Fiat and Spot Wallet to your Futures Wallet first.

To transfer funds to the Futures Wallet, please ensure that you are on the Futures trading interface.

Please take the following steps:

  1. On the Futures trading interface, scroll down to locate the [Assets] widget on the bottom-right of your screen. Next, click [Transfer].

  2. Select the type of assets you want to transfer into your Futures account. Tokex Futures supports a wide range of crypto assets as collateral. You may deposit assets such as USDT or supported cryptocurrencies (i.e Bitcoin and Ethereum). Enter the amount and click [Confirm].

  3. Once your assets are successfully transferred to your Futures Wallet, you can check the available balance under [Assets].

  4. If you want to transfer the available amount in your Futures account to your Fiat and Spot Wallet, click on the [Swap] icon to change the transfer destination. Enter the amount you wish to transfer out and click [Confirm].

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