How to use Tokex Futures interface

How to use Tokex Futures interface

1. You may access your Tokex account, including your Futures and Spot wallets and order history. You can simply monitor your wallet balances and orders across the whole Tokex ecosystem.

2. In this area, you access contract-related information such as:

  • The current contract’s name (BTC USDT by default). You may switch to other contracts by clicking on the current contract’s name. After which, a dropdown menu will appear to show all listed contracts.

  • Check the Mark Price (an important metric, as liquidations happen based on the Mark Price).

  • Check the expected Funding Rate and its countdown until the next funding round.

  • Contract statistics, such as 24-hour volume or 24-hour price change.

3. This area displays a price chart of the chosen contract. You can switch to the integrated TradingView chart. On the right, you’ll get a real-time display of the order book data. You can adjust the accuracy of the order book in the dropdown menu on the top right corner of this area (0.01 by default).

4. This is your order entry panel. Place orders according to the various order types available on Tokex Futures. For starters, you can select a buy-limit or buy-market order to purchase for your first crypto futures contract. This is also where you can switch between Cross Margin and Isolated Margin. Adjust your leverage by clicking on your current leverage level (20x by default).

5. This is where you can check your available assets, deposit, and buy more crypto. This is also where you can view information relating to the current contract and your positions. Be sure to keep an eye on the Margin Ratio to prevent liquidations.

By clicking on [Transfer], you can transfer funds between your Futures Wallet and the rest of the Tokex ecosystem.

Note: Whenever you see an arrow on the bottom right corner of a module, that means you can move and resize that element. This way, you can easily create your own custom interface layout!

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