How to sell with P2P

How to sell with P2P

You can now sell your cryptocurrencies using multiple payment methods on Tokex P2P!

See a guide below to sell crypto on Tokex P2P.

Step 1: Select [Buy Crypto] then click [P2P Trading] on the top navigation bar.

Step 2: Click [Sell] and select the country, payment method, and enter the fiat currency you want to buy, and click [Sell] (USD is shown as an example).

Filter the price and the [Payment] in the drop-down,

Step 4: The transaction will now display [Payment to be made by the buyer].

Step 5: After the buyer makes the payment, the transaction will now display [To be released].

Please make sure that you’ve actually received payment from the buyer to the payment method you used. After you confirm the receipt of money from the buyer, tap [Confirm release] and [Confirm] to release the crypto to the buyer’s account. Again, If you have not received any money, please DO NOT release crypto to avoid any financial losses.

Step 6: Now the order is completed, the buyer will receive the crypto. You can click [Balance] to check your balance.


If you have any issues in the transaction process, you can contact the buyer using the chat window on the top right of the page or you can click "Appeal" and our customer service team will assist you in processing the order.


1. Please make sure to log in to your account to confirm the payment is received, this can avoid financial losses caused by wrongly clicking on the release button.

2. The digital assets you are selling have been frozen by the platform. Please confirm the receipt of the payment from the buyer and click “Release” to release the crypto.

3. Please do not agree to any request to release the crypto before confirming the receipt of the payment to avoid financial losses.

4. After receiving the SMS notification, please be sure to log in to your bank account to confirm whether the payment is credited, this will avoid the release of crypto due to Fraud SMS.

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